Sunday, September the 30th of 2012.


NY Pub Lib Zadie

I’ve already posted this before. But it is just so good.

Monday, July the 18th of 2011.
Anonymous message.

-fresa E

fresa T, aka fresa E-tits

Wednesday, July the 13th of 2011.

The tv guide said cops was on, but it was really divorce court

Monday, July the 4th of 2011.

1 hour foot massages for $20 and my friend won’t let us go. UGH.

Sunday, July the 3rd of 2011.

fucking colorwheel 

Sunday, July the 3rd of 2011.

tried to submit my frestory, but all this shit is in german. hope what im assuming are the terms of agreement wont come back to haunt me…

Sunday, July the 3rd of 2011.

Just made my afternoon Nespresso…used the new George Clooney pods, of course :)

And, yes, I’m fresing from Europe. duh.

Sunday, July the 3rd of 2011.

Drank a $1000 bottle of French red wine tonight from 1957…and it wasn’t that great..

Chateau Rothschild

Saturday, July the 2nd of 2011.

Also, last night we wanted to save money so we bought a bottle of andre to drink on our walk to the bar. Also when we got there learned fresa E-tits thought PBR was some cool new mixed drink.

Saturday, July the 2nd of 2011.

Rude boy taxi driver intentionally took us in the wrong direction to try and run up the meter. Then when we were getting close to the street I said “it’s just one block up” and he accelerates the FUCK out of the car for 5 blocks in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, it worked out for him because I gave him a good tip cause I was too annoyed to wait for the change. #fresaproblems

Saturday, July the 2nd of 2011.

Fresa A and fresa T partied with fresa L and his friend DOLPHIN KING.

Friday, July the 1st of 2011.

Currently at Lake Tahoe sipping on patrón margaritas and reading the Economist.

Oh, privilege.

Friday, July the 1st of 2011.

so apparently they (huggies) now make diapers out of denim. “my diaper is full. full of fashion.”

so excited that the new generation of fresas get to experience this.  

Thursday, June the 30th of 2011.

Just got checked the fuck out by a 13 year old. YUP.